Beautiful Love Story

A man married a very beautiful girl. After marriage, both of them were going very lovingly. She wanted him very much and always used to praise her beauty. But after a few months the girl got infected with skin disease and gradually started to look at her beauty. Seeing himself in this way, he started scaring in his mind that if he became ugly, then his husband would start hating him and he would not be able to tolerate his hatred.

Meanwhile, one day the husband had to go out of the city with no work. Finishing the work when he was returning home, he got hit. In the accident, he lost his eyes. But despite this, the life of both of them continued in the normal way.

Time passed and the girl lost her beauty completely due to her skin disease. He became ugly But the blind husband did not know anything about this. Therefore, it did not have any effect on their happy married life. She continued to love him the same way.

One day the girl died. Husband was now alone. He was very sad. He wanted to leave that city. He completed all the funeral and started leaving the city. Then a man called him from the back and came near and said, "Now how can you walk alone without resorting to? For so many years, your wife used to help you. "

The husband responded, "Friend! I'm not blind I was just pretending to be blind. Because if my wife knew that I could see her stupidity, it would have given her more pain than her disease. That's why I pretended to be blind for so many years. She was a very good wife. I just wanted to keep her happy. "

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