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Hello Friends, my name is Lokendra. Today I am sharing my friend Deepali's story with you. Deepali is my neighbor and she is my best friend. But for the last one year he is very upset. And the reason for his problem is a boy. The boy, whom he loves to break, the boy for whom he can do anything. The name of that boy is Somesh, Somesh Chakraborty.

Let's tell you from the beginning. Somesh and Deepali used to read in coaching as well. Somesh was considered to be the most handsome boy in his batch. The girls used to live for him Diwali. But Diwali did not pay attention to it. He just kept working from his own work.

But one day Deepali was shocked. He saw that Somesh's eyes rested on him. At first it seemed to be an obstacle, but when it happened several times, he had to believe it. Initially, he felt all this strange, but then slowly he started feeling good. Deepali's life changed from that day onwards. She started paying more attention to herself than before, she always started decorating.

Its just matter of one day. Deepali was returning home from coaching. Then came Samesh from the back. He stopped his bike near Deepali and said, "Come, Deepali, leave you home."

Deepali could not refuse her. He sat behind the bike. Somesh first put the bike in Gere and said softly, "Deepali, I want to talk to you."

"What?" Deepali asked the lazy lips.

"No such, come sit in a restaurant."

After accepting Deepali's consent, Somesh took her to a nearby restaurant. There she showed love to Deepali. Deepali Mane had started wishing to mind Somesh. She could not refuse her. And this way both of them started running fast on the track of love.

But only a few days passed that Sømmas suddenly disappeared. He stopped not only coming to coaching, but also stopped lifting Deepali's phone. Deepali remained unhappy with her behavior. He waxed hundreds of rupees to Samesh, fifty calls, but neither Somesh returned to Lota nor did he respond to Wattsup or Call.

Deepali became completely mad. Neither his mind seems to be studying nor in any other thing. Neither could he sleep properly at night nor eat properly. Just every time he remembered Somesh and kept crying.

Its just matter of one day. Deepali was going to the temple with her mother. Then, on the way, she saw Saimesh. Somsesh also caught sight of Deepali, but he went to a street unaware of him. Deepali thought that she should run away and shake Sombesh and shout. But because of mother, she seized it. After returning from Puja, Deepali pretended to recharge the mobile in the evening and went to the same street, in which Sombesh had gone.

Incidentally, Somesh found it coming from the front. She was stunned to see Deepali. She took her to a friend's house and started apologizing. Deepali believed her words. And in this way Deepali's life came out again.

But there were not many days left that Somesh disappeared once again. This time his phone was going off and his parents had also left the house near the temple. This time Deepali broke badly He stopped meeting everyone and cried alone all day long.

I did not see Deepali's condition. I decided to know about Somesh. I ran a lot, and finally I got success in this work too. But after hearing about Somesh, I was shocked. Actually, Somesh was related to a criminal gang and he was deliberately kept in the dark. I also came to know that like Deepali, it was related to many girls from Samesh. And he used to consider them the only way of timepass.

Many times I thought that Deepali should tell this truth. But every time an unknown fear prevented me. Did not know that this truth could not tolerate Deepali and take such a step, for which I have to go through life.

Friends, I could not tell the truth from Deepali, but I am telling you. If you look around you, you will find some such candles, which, without thinking anything, think of the things of the boys and then waste their lives.

If this is happening to you, if a boy is expressing his love for you, then he will not be swept away in his talks. Get to know about it first, find out its social status and history-geography. It may not happen that one day you also find yourself in the condition of Deepali, and then you may not even be able to forgive yourself.

Friends, if this story touches your heart, then you must share it with your friends, do you know that because of you, avoid the life of Deepali's life ...

Good boy, take care!

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