Friends, this is heart melting sad love story  for a girl, about Richa, who got cheated instead of true love and got nothing other than Fareb. So if you love anybody, then read this story once.

Really Heart Touching Love Story
Heart Melting Sad Love Story for a Girl

The first day of college was there. There were new faces in front of everyone. Everyone was engaged in identifying themselves with these new faces. They were introducing themselves to each other. Then our first class of the first day of college started. MAM made this series of introduction before the class made it easier. When he came, he first told everyone to give his introduction to everyone. All the students were telling each other about themselves, only then, as soon as Richa began to speak about herself, as if the eyes of the huge sitting in the same class remained confined to it only. At the same time, Richa began to listen to the introduction of Richa and to see her a tuck. Even after Richa's sitting, Vishal's eyes still remained on Richa.

As soon as the huge college came on the second day of college, his eyes were looking for just Richa. Vishal tried very hard to talk to Richa in any way, but he could not get this chance. This cycle continued for a long time. One day a group was formed for an assignment in college, in which Richa and Vishal were named in the same group. This hearing became very huge. After all, she got the chance to make her friendship with Richa and she did not want to lose this opportunity in any situation. And the same thing happened, while making an assignment, the conversation started in Richa and Vishal and after seeing it, friendship also happened.

Along with the time Richacha and Vishal had become very good friends now. But the friendship of Richa and Vaish gradually started to grow more. After seeing the opportunity one day, Vishal propagated Richa. Richa was unable to refuse the huge, because in some places her love for the giant had come. Now both of the lovers were also together with friends. Therefore, both of them continued to follow after college too. Now the whole class was also aware of Richa and Gov's love story. The giant always gives Richa an expensive-expensive gift, and Richa also helps the giant in making the project. Everyone says that Richa and Giant are made for each other, that is, they are perfect couples.

Richa also always asked for a large wedding, so the giant always assures Richa that she can not live without her now. For three years, the two of them have a very good relation. But after college, the meeting of Richa and Vishal was greatly reduced. Richa's phone does not talk too well to him, he says that he is paying attention to his father's business. Although Richa had told everything about Vishal in his house too, his family members also started pressing him to get married. But now Richa could not answer any of his family members. Then one day Richa reached the giant's father's restaurant, there was not huge at that time. So Richa asked the father of Vishal that he was a friend of the giant and he was coming here, he came here.

The father of Vishal sat on Richa and asked the waiter to bring some food and drink. Both sat down and talked that when the father of Vishal said, 'Son, you are coming, you are in the marriage of giant.' Hear it as if Richa did not believe in his ears. When he asked again, he said, 'Yes, the marriage of Gopa is planned in the next month and for the same. He is very happy that he is marrying the girl of his choice. Both know each other from school time.


Listen to this now Richa has completely disappeared and got out of there. Coming home, Richa went straight into her room and shut herself in the room and cried for hours. Richa told her mother and father about this, she explained to Richa somehow that now you should move forward in life and think about the future. The person who passed away passed away, now think about it and do not spoil your life ahead.

But Richa still could not forget the giant and cried crying every night, giving comfort to her heart, "So what happened, that one heart broke."

Friends, your love is always successful and true, it is not necessary. Many times people are also cheated in love, but there is a lack of it somewhere in you. Which you loved for a person who was not for you There may have been a mistake in testing the person anywhere or you.

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