really heart touching love story

There was a boy and one girl.

Boy loved Katie very much. Girl Chai was very rich.
One day did boy boypose Katie and Katie said?
How do you see my clothes, how much money is spent on me?
Can you do this?
The boy got worse than that and the boy went out of the tomb.

After 15 years, that boy and girl again
Found in a big palace.
the girl said

You do not propose me before 15 bars
Look, today my old lady earns 3 million rupees in 1 month. At the same time his old age is reached.
The old man knows that old man, he spends the billions of dollars in my boss in 1 month. But she does not have a good wedding because she loves a girl very much. And that reminds me of that.

What kind of a girl is like this?

Third, do not compare your love with love and money at all times.

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