Betrayed in love, the condition of ailing person becomes like a bit of water fish.  This is often what I've had in stories.  But this story is a little different.  This is the story!  A boy who was uninterested in a girl, but what if he got later?  The same 'Fareb and Cheat'  But this boy was strong at a little mental level.  That is why after some time getting depressed again, it became normal again.

But sir !!  You must have heard the proverb- "It's not easy, just understand that there is a river of fire and it's going to be drowned."  After some time, the boy again became a girl with love.  This time she became so crazy in a girl's heart that she was standing in the way of her tuition only for hours to see.  Whenever the girl accidentally smiled by seeing her, she wiggles happily.

What kind of girl would that be?  Who will not love the boy who loves so much.  The girl also went to love with that boy gradually.  But the courage to express that boy never raised, nor did the move of the girl move towards him.  After a long time, the boy decided to express himself.  Due to the courage given by some friends and fear of losing the girl, she spoke to her frightened girl about her mind.

The girl also started wanting her mind.  He was also a fool of his innocent, intriguing love.  But the girl left her quietly without giving any answers to that day.  On the second day, he waited a lot for that girl.  But that girl did not come that day when the boy asked her about her from a school friend.  Her friend told him that "she has been admitted to the hospital due to sudden chest pain".

When the boy came to know about this, the boy reached the hospital with a hamstring problem.  But by then the girl was counting her last syssa.  The boy ran to the girl and the girl gave him a letter.  Whom he had already caught in his hands.  This letter he wrote a few nights ago

In that letter, the girl wrote, "I love you very much, I want to live with you. I want to die. But today if you want to live, but now I have a few of my life left.  Just a few days old, I could not express you, I loved you even if you had loved me, but my sister-in-law was not with you. But through this letter, I want to tell you that  After I leave you to get married to a good girl. That is my last wish.

After reading this letter of the girl, the boy started weeping and sat down at a bench sitting nearby.  She did not understand what she would do.  He laughed at his fate or laughed at his luck .... !!!

It was just that this True love story .... !!