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I have a lot of sad love stories may be Touch your heart || you will be cry

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Very Sad Love Story Broken Heart Touching Heart

Once upon a time. one boy and girls lived in difference village.

Boy Name : Sundar

Girl Name : Rita

But his studying same class 9

Rita looked like beautiful also Sundar looks good. but both are unknown each other. But one day. School principal decided go to picnic with all students. 

school going to picnic we are all  happily going to picnic like dance,singing and some people chat etc.

Also dancing both Sundar and Rita

suddenly collided each other.

at the same time both say sorry.

Rita is smiling even smiling Sundar doggedly seeing each other and dancing again 

While dancing, they started watch each other Respectively

And on the way home after a picnic, the teacher requested everyone to go home well

Sundar and Rita didn't want to go home. They looked at each other and started walking towards the house but the two of them started thinking about each other and after going home Sundar started thinking about Rita. 

tomorrow together before come fast school time

But no other students came to the shool except them.  Sundar was looking at Rita and Rita was also looking.

Sundar: Why did you come to school so fast?

Rita: nothing  why you came so fast

Sundar: I also nothing to come soon today

Rita: is it

Sundar: yes

together conversation was taking place between And even in class, the two used to think about each other and the two could not sit alone without talking to each other.

I didn't know there was deep fell in love between each other.

They spoke their minds and fell in love more deeply.  Class 10 also ended with laughter.  And both of them passed the exam.

Due to the financial problems of Sundar's home for the rest of his studies, Sundar's studies remained final.


Rita's parents decided to send Rita to the city to study

Rita could not leave Sundar and go to the city.

And he told all this to Sundar and Sundar also encouraged Rita to go to the city and Sundar promised to marry Rita after she came back from the city and Rita also promised.


Rita went to town and came to Rita village after two rains.  But to Sundar

Went to visit

Sundar, who was waiting for Rita, found out that Rita had come to the village

Sundar hurried to meet Rita.

So if so .......

Instead of meeting Rita, he met Rita's son and returned home with tears in his eyes.

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