I can't stop tear my heart touching love story

I can't stop tear in my eyes. remember my love story. my love story had started 7 years ago.

I can't stop tear my heart touching love story

One day (before 7 years ago ) i was going to pilgrim For religious reasons.

My feeling very happy. i was going to alone. nobody were talk to me because everybody was unknown.   suddenly  i saw the  beautifully girl. She looked like gorgeous 

I want talk to him but how to speak. i cant speak directly . Suddenly He saw me

Then we are looking each other.

....Few time later....

i talked her

Me: hello hii..

she : hii

me : you are looking beautfull

she: Thank you

me: what's your name ?

She: shabitri and your name

me: people call me lokendra but you can call mine.

She: what Hahahaha ... really. So funny 😆😍

Me: Yes.  you know one think how You are look like 

She: How ?

Me: my future gf

she: more then laughed hahahahahahaha so funny 

When she is laughing then i want to impress more . She had impressed with me after trying 2/3 hours. 

few time later 

I did parpose ? She is accept my love.

Then i am very happy. 

This day is my special day 

Because I got  my everything .

whenever I remember those days how we are spend  time.  We are talking on phone for long hours in the night. Someday we had not know how to spend whole night doing talk.

But now she does not love  me 

She loves someone perhaps  she forgot me.

We was in relationship for two years.

Still I love him because love is love.

I can't forgot forever 

Break up my love and my heart have broken 

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