love nepali sayari sad love sayari best sayari you can find sad love sayari

Love sayari nepali
love nepali sayari sad love sayari

Like this flower
I had a big mistake

Separating the love of bringing
The world is ringing
Lose you inside
It was my fault

She is cheating now
Why did you love me first
In this sad life
Why not become a rainbow

Our love of the world
The eye-catching flower is gone
So I forgot to like the flowers

Shameless to walk half way along
Are you
I would make you mine
you are  thousands?

love nepali sayari sad love sayari
love nepali sayari sad love sayari

I try to travel alone
Memories pave the way.
When i  open  eyes,
you can only see

Why today sounds zero even to the tune of music
Why see whatever of the dark sky

Why does it hurt to say heart
It was finally breaking
Why the chest used to say
Someone is missing out

Didn't know what is love
Brought love
When you cheat
Know what love is

I don't want to be with you for the rest of your life.

You swear
I went to the bay
When he came back he found out
You are alien

The truth was that to live in misery, Sikhs are as true as love
Lets go along.

love nepali sayari sad love sayari

For your pleasure
I'm also ready to die
For your pleasure
I may even leave you

I am deeply in love with the world
Would say
Love sank my world

No need except your love
Others me
You don't have to be with me
Others me

This is how happiness is called sadness
In the pursuit of life

The cut wound is just outside
The wound of the splint then touches the college

If you know who Maya is today
It is love to leave and remember

I can not forget you, you are the laugh of my lips, I can not laugh because you are confrontational - Love You.

Love is not what is shown to the world, but it is something that comes from the heart.

Remember one thing before God hurts someone, God has also given you a heartfelt 19 times.

There is nothing to complain about
Probably with God
Someone may have asked for it.

Don't look at me
In your heart

I gave the world 2 to you, you gave me one, and you gave me two.

Someone writes me very well, I tell you where I write well is what I write for.

When the eyes turn, the dog will also take the dog.

After I die, this sea will also ask you, where did Ago Tahmanish, who used to come by the shore, write only his name.

Where you come from in your life, you come to life as the moonlight of Eurat, I just keep it, which I see in the eyes, it comes out of the water.

love nepali sayari sad love sayari

Missing you was a daily occurrence
, It was a habit to miss you
There was talk of being away from you
I understand so much,
Forget you, something happened outside my bus.

The fate of those who love is bad, the appointment is intertwined, the love of the book, if the time comes, where all the loved ones are incomplete.

Broken dreams and lost relatives killed and yes my happiness or sadness came to learn to laugh with me

Even if you can't forget you, you are the laughter of my lips, I can't laugh away with you

I hope you like this

love nepali sayari sad love sayari